Demo Events

IEEE 2017 Radar Conference Building on a Century of Innovation, Seattle, WA, USA

Photographs from RadarCon 2017 Demo event


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D. Cohen, K. V. Mishra and Y. C. Eldar, “Spectral Coexistence in Radar using Xampling".

K. Aberman, S. Aviv and Y. C. Eldar, "Adaptive Frequency Allocation in Radar Imaging: Towards Cognitive SAR”.

D. Cohen, K. V. Mishra, D. Cohen, E. Ronen, Y. Grimovich and Y. C. Eldar, “Cognitive Sub-Nyquist MIMO Radar Prototype with Doppler Processing".

K. V. Mishra, I. Kahane, A. Kaufmann, and Y. C. Eldar, "High Spatial Resolution Radar using Thinned Arrays".

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