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What's new in SMTP v2.0

The main improvements in version 2.0 are the following:

bulletThe mode search algorithm has been replaced with a new algorithm that is more robust and can deal with degenerate and nearly-degenerate modes. It can also search the complex plane from the smtgui.
bulletThe eigenvalue determination algorithm has been improved in order to avoid inaccuracies that could lead to spurious minima. Also, an 'indirect' Generalized Singular Value Decomposition (GSVD) method which is slower but even more robust has been made available.
bulletCircles and ellipses are not approximated by splines; their exact representation is used. This requires that older (i.e., SMTP v1.0) geometry descriptors be updated with the function updateGd.
bulletA few new examples have been added.
bulletJames Trevelyan's package has been integrated to allow geometries to be exported to the AutoCAD DXF format (readable by other electromagnetic analysis software such as COMSOL).
bulletOnline help has been added to the smtgui.
bulletA new function, out2curves, that sorts the smtgui output into a family of dispersion curves has been added.
bulletA few bugs of the GUI have been fixed.


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