Prof. Ezra Zeheb

Department of Electrical Engineering

Technion―Israel Institute of Technology

Haifa 32000, Israel

Office: 968, Meyer

Tel: 972-4-8294733

Fax: 972-4-8295757


Academic Degrees:


Present Academic Appointment:

Emeritus Gerard Swope Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering, Technion―Israel Institute of Technology.




Some of the Technion Activities:

Jan. 1, 1999-Dec. 31, 2002

The Technion representative to the Government Council for Engineering and Architecture.

Oct. 1, 1998-Sep. 30, 2001

Member of Technion Council.

Oct. 1, 1998-Sep. 30, 2004

Member of the Board of Governors of the Technion.

Jan. 1, 1998-Dec. 31, 1999

Member of the Senate Preparatory Committee for the appointment and promotion of senior academic staff.


Member of the Committee for the Nomination of Vice Presidents.

Mar. 3, 2003-Dec. 31, 2004

Member of the Senate Standing Committee for Honorary Degrees and Awards.

Dec. 1, 1995-Dec. 31, 2002

Member of the Scientific Advisory Council of the Neaman Institute for Advanced Studies in Science and Technology.

Jan. 1, 2000-Dec. 31, 2001

Member of the Senate Steering Committee.


Some of the Public Professional Activities:

2012 -

Representative of Israel in the International Federation of Automatic Control (IFAC) Technical Committe on Robust Control.

2000 - 2004

Chairman of the Academic Council, Ruppin Academic Center, Israel.


Member of the Alon and Guastella Award Committee for Science and Engineering of the higher Education Council.

1986 - 1988 and

1990 - 1992

Chairman of the IEEE Israel Section.


1990 - 2005

Member of the Editorial Board, The Journal of Multidimensional Systems and Signal Processing, since its foundation.

1987 - 1990

Chairman of IFAC Working Group on Robust Control.


Member of the Military Chief of Intelligence Award Committee for Creative Thinking.


Participation in organizing numerous conferences, chairing conferences and sessions.


Some of the Previous Professional Experience:

Conference Plenary and Invited Talks:

  1. IFAC Workshop on  Robust Control, Tegernsee, FRG, July 1987. Subject of Talk: "On Robust Stabilization of Systems Under Uncertainty Conditions".

  2. The 2nd Israel Symposium on Circuits Systems and Control (ISCSC 88), Herzlia, Israel, May-June 88. Subject of Talk: "On Stability and Performance of Discrete and Continuous Systems under Uncertain Conditions".

  3. IFAC Workshop on Robust Control, Kapel Am Albis, Switzerland, Sep. 91. Subject of Talk: Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for Robust Schur Property The Continuous Dependence Case.

  4. International Workshop on Robust Control, Monte Verita, Ascona, Switzerland, April 12-17, 1992. Subject of Talk: "Analysis and Design of Robustly Stable Systems Via Zero-Set Methods".

  5. International Conference on Control Theory and its Applications, Kibbutz Maale HaChamisha, Israel, 18-21 Oct., 1993. Work by A.~Betser and E. Zeheb. Subject of Talk: Asymptotically Stable Adaptive Output Error Identification with No SPR Requirement (Speaker: A. Betser).

  6. Hurwitz Centenary Conference on Stability Theory, Monte Verita, Ascona, Switzerland, May 21-26, 1995. Subject of Talk: "On the Characterization and Formation of Local Convex Directions for Hurwitz Stability'".

  7. Workshop on Uncertainty: Models and Measures, Lambrecht, Germany, July 22-24, 1996. Subject of Talk: Zero-Set Analysis of Systems with Uncertainties".

  8. Joint 2005 International Symposium on Intelligent Control and 13th Mediterranean Conference on Control and Automation (2005 ISIC-MED), June 27-29, 2005, Limassol, Cyprus. Work by E. Zeheb, O. Mason, S. Solmaz and R. Shorten. Subject of Talk: "On the Quadratic Stability of Switched Interval Systems: Preliminary Results'", (Speaker: O. Mason).

  9. Fourth International Conference of Applied Mathematics and Computing, Aug. 12-18, 2007, Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Work by E. Zeheb and Y. Dolgin. Subject of Talk: "Design for Positivity of Functions Admitting Taylor Expansion".

  10. International Symposium on Signals, Circuits and Systems (ISSCS 2011), June 29-July 1, 2011, Iasi, Romania. Work by E. Zeheb, R. Shorten and S. Sajja. Subject of Talk: "Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for Passivity of Descriptor Systems".

  11. IEEE 5th International Symposium on Communication, Control and Signal Processing (ISCCSP), May 2-4, Rome, Italy. Subject of Talk: "Are Zeros of Zero Worth?"

List of Publications


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