Passover Trip

Mitzpe Ramon 01-03/04/2002


Participants: The Paz family including Pini, Michal, Ziv, Yael, Ofer, Tamar and Noa. The Shwartz family including Adam, Shuli, Gittit (joined on the second day), Sivan and Ayal. The Kaisari family including Alex, Maia and Michal.

First Day

Shuli Shwartz and Ofer Paz Playing 5 Stones before the track.


Yael, Noa and Tamar Paz competing who can catch more stones with one hand and Ayal and Sivan watching them.


Shuli walking in the trail.


A pole that used to hold the ceiling of a water pit.


The view we had after climbing a hill.


All the climbers on the hill.


Second Day

The view we had


Wrote a sign on the mountain...


The place we had Dinner on the first and the second day.

Hiding from the wind before the climb.


Staying close to the mountain wall... it's a long way down.


A little rest before climbing a steep mountain.


Waiting for the wind to calm down a bit before starting the climb.


On the top of the mountain, on our way down.


Having a little rest before continuing the battle against the wind... the little dot on the junction of the ways is Shuli.


We made it to the spring...

Third Day

The Ramon crater.


The Beduin tent we visited before going home.


That's it!

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