Yoav Y. Schechner: Research


Turbulence-Induced Image Distortion

2D correlations in image distortion fields created by turbulence. Physcially consistent yet very efficient rendering, bypassing and obviating any 3D raytracing.

Wineglass-String Music

Musical instruments, using sympathetic resonance of strings to glass. Optimal coupling.

Clouds in The Cloud

Large-scale light-field imaging by scalable net (STARS); Network redundancy + sky stationarity yield net-based radiometric calibration, lens-flare avoidance, background estimation; 3D recovery.

Virtual Periscope

Random refractive distortions. Views through a water surface; STELLA MARIS system. Stochastic triangulation. Detecting moving objects by a physics-based classifier. Turbulence. Multi-view geometry.

Resolution Limits

Pointwise degradations, no optical blur. Cutoff frequency due to noise and low signal.

Underwater CauStereo

Stereo from flickering caustics. Pointwise disambiguation of correspondence, by natural spatiotemporal lighting patterns; 3D recovery.

Cross-Modal Denoising

Example-based; Audio-visual analysis; Overcoming very intense, nonstationary structured noise; Exploiting visual clarity; Using hidden Markov model.

Multiplexed Unmixing

Multiplexing optimized for unmixing underlying interest variables. Applications: fluorescence, spectrometry, deblurring.

Flat Refractive Geometry

Non-single viewpoint system; 3D distortion; Calibration; Underwater imaging.

Visual Reverberations

Removing Semireflections using Blind Source Seperation.

Active Illumination De-scattering

Instant; Widefield; Polychromatic; Polarization-based; Rough 3D estimate.

Instant Dehazing

Blind haze separation by polarization analysis.

Radiometric Non-idealities

A Unified framework. AGC, Vignetting, Nonlinearity, Mosaicing.

Clear Underwater Vision

Natural illumination; 3D recovery; Polarization-based.

Depth from defocus vs. Stereo

A unified framework for comparing defocus, focus, stereo, motion.

Semi-Reflections: Polarization-based Separation

Blind estimation of a window inclination. Physics-based Blind Source Separation.

Generalized Mosaicing

Generalized Mosaicing Multimodal wide field of view. High dynamic range, hyperspectral, focus, polarimetric imaging. Fusion.

Focus-based Separation of Transparent Layers

Blind estimation of blur PSFs; Physics-based Blind Source Separation.

Imaging on the Electric Grid

Lamp flicker as a probe to the AC power grid; Bulb resonse function (BRF) in the DELIGHT database; Passive light transport, lighting unmixing and window-reflection separation; ACam - alternating-current camera.

Radiative-Transfer Tomography

3D volumetric recovery of heterogenous media, having unlimited scattering order; Cloud recovery using multiangular (light-field) airborne imaging.

Polarization Self-Calibration

Unknown polarizer angles, unknown object; Recovering filter orientations and scene Stokes vectors; Scientific polarimetry using photography and loose, casual filter roll.

Turbulence Tomography

Passive refractive tomography; Direct recovery of 3D statistics; Multi-view scalable atmospheric sensing.

Optimized Poisson Compressed Sensing

Optimal measurement matrix; Non-negative signals, sources, mixing (blur) and multiplexing. Photon noise in optical measurements.

Aerosol-Field Tomography

Multi-view atmospheric sensing; Passive scatterer tomography; Monte-Carlo and single-scattering models.

Audio Inpainting

Filling missed audio, using examples; Packet Loss Concealment (PLC); Audio-visual analysis; Hidden Markov model;

Spaceborne Computational Photography

Underwater imaging and bathymetry from space, through atmosphere; Multiangular (lightfield) imaging; Polarization.

Geometry by Deflaring

Aperture ghosting; Lens flare (glare) removal; Triangulating light source, center of projection; Instant; Exploiting camera motion.

Foveated Video Extrapolation

Video and image extrapolation; Extended displays; Peripheral avoidance of distractions (PAD); Multiscale speedup; Exploiting foveated vision.

Multiplexed Illumination

Multiplexed Illumination Enhanced SNR & dynamic range; Projector-based directionality of lighting; Computational demultiplexing; Hadamard codes; photon noise analysis.

Harmony in Motion

Cross-modal association; Feature coincidence; Simultanous events; Audio-visual analysis and separation.

Pixels that Sound

Cross-modal localization via sparsity; Audio-visual analysis.

Rotating Beams

Rotating Beams Depth from diffracted rotation; Propagation invariant waves; Orbital angular momentum in anisotropic dislocations.

Thermal Infra-red

Predicting vision performance; Hybrid physics/image-based.

Blind Source Separation

NlogN kernel entropy optimization; Backpropa­ga­tion; Convolutive mixtures; Phys-based disambiguation.

Ultrasound Imaging

Stochastic Frequency Compounding.

Spectral and Dynamic Range Modulation Imaging

Uncontrolled continuous modulation; Computational synchronization.