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Shwartz Family

The Shwartz family consists of
People: Adam, Shuli, the kids Gittit, Sivan and Ayal, as well as animals:

Dog: Luna

Cat: Anton (we are not sure how he classifies himself: human or dog).

We live in Atlit – 13 Hasela St.: look at the Hebrew directions for details, or look at the google map or google satellite picture (may not work in firefox). You can find us using the Hebrew electronic map.

Shwartz Family Photo

August 2013: A family Safari in Kenya: Sivan prepared an album. Here are videos of Gnu Crossing, a leopard, and vultures eating.

9-10.2012: Trekking in Napal. The most challenging day was climbing Tserko-Ri. The view from the top is worth it. Michal and Gabi created the fabulous Album.

23-30.1.2011: Ski vacation in Val Thorens. See Adam Ski (warning – 100-250MB files!) – view from the back, from the front, and again from the front.

31.3-4.4 2010: Jordan hike - with Gilead's group.

1-2 2010 South India hike trip with Shuli and then alone.

November 2009: Around Avignon hike - with Shuli.

September-October 2009: USA hike family trip from Washington DC to Boston.

October 2007: Liat hosts a workshop and Bar's birthday.

September 2007: Shuli and Adam visit Barcelona (warning - this file is about 8MB due to pictures).

2 April 2007: 2007 "Seder" at the Weisses, Tel Mond.

17 March 2007: Joseph's birthday, and additional pictures (click here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and also here) from Ronit.

February 2007: Shuli and Adam escape to New Zealand.

4-11 October 2006: The family goes to Greece. More precisely, to Athens and the northwest of Greece.
Some tips:
Greece, like the rest of Europe, is expensive. Especially Athens. However, credit cards are not liked outside hotels. Many restaurants, especially outside Athens, accept only cash, and some accept credit cards but give you a hard time. Ditto for gas stations and small stores.
If you a promised a GPS device, check again. Car rental agencies are quick to promise, slow to deliver. And signs in Greece are not reliable (even in Athens, which is by far better than the rest). So a good map (or your own GPS) is a must.
If you like animals, you will find plenty of cats in many public places (e.g. Meteora, Delphi, Papigo etc.). You will find very friendly pigeons in the parliament plaza, Athens. There are "community dogs" in Athens which you can pet (they are very relaxed).

July 2006: The Paz tour to Rumania is interrupted after two glorius days, and Shuli and Adi try to make it to Tel Hashomer.

April 2006: Passover is upon us, and the whole family gathers chez Medini (that is, Zila and Yotam).

4 March 2006: David Weiss is visiting (again), so we took him on a short hike (Ein Hod to the Oren Wadi).

23 December 2005: Celebrating a milestone in the inheritance saga: we get two appartments in a new housing development.

19 November 2005: A trip to the sources of the Yarkon with most of the family, and two adopted members: Dror and Tal.

November 2005: A Yacht trip from Turkey to Israel. Crew: Alex-Skipper. Or-deputy skipper and chief cook. Izhar-helmsman. Shuli-deputy cook. Adam-deck boy.
We left Fineke Wednesday noon, and arrived to Haifa Friday evening.

August 2005: A surprise birthday for Tal (not quite on time). There are also six clips of Bar (MOV format, 4-10MB each!): Clip 1, Clip 2, Clip 3, Clip 4, Clip 5, Clip 6,

May 2005: Avi and his family came to visit, and we had "lunch at Dorit's house, including a birthday party for Daniel ".

April 2005: During Passover vacation we spent one day with the Paz family in the Galil. Unfortunately, we forgot our camera except when we arrived at our "Zimmer: the house in Pink". Then, The Szwarc clan went to the Galil.

In case you havn't figured out my new way of displaying pictures, read the instructions here.

April 2005: Passover ceremony in the young Cohen's new appartment.

April 2005: Hila gets a surprise birthday. In addition to the pictures there is a short movie (about 10MB!), in "mov" (apple) format (wait patiently - it may take a while to load).

April 2005: Sivan graduates from a course in the army

April 2005: Ayal goes on a trip with Shaul kids and friends

April 2005: Szwarc grandchildren play with Bach

August 2003:  The Shwartz’es go to Manara

August 2003: Shaul has a birthday

A June 2002 vacation in San Francisco (Just Shuli and Adi!).

A 2002 Pesah trip with friends.

Our 2002 "Seder Pesah"

We spent the summer of 1999 in Holland.

Our July 1997 trip in the US

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